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General questions about our products and applications. 

What is wall decal ?

Wall decal is a decorative sticker made of high quality vinyl which is waterproof, heat-resistant, self-adhesive and easily removable. It can be applied to any clean, smooth, flat surfaces e.g. wall, window, furniture, mirror or fridge.

Hence, it is an excellent decoration for your home, office, showroom window, etc. Simply peel and stick our decals to instantly transform a plain and boring wall!


How to apply the decal onto surface ?

eZ-Decor's decals are easy to apply! It is simply just peel & stick! You will be surprised how easy it is to DIY.

Just follow the instructions below:

::: Before applying :::

Wall decals can be applied on any smooth surfaces, such as walls, glass, metal, wood, concrete...etc. Before applying wall decals, make sure that the surface is free of dust and dirt! If an area is unclean, the decal may not stick properly and can peel off over time.

::: Application :::

If your wall decal is fairly large, get a friend to help you set it up! This is not only more convenient but also more fun! Pick a corner or a side, and slowly peel the decal up and press upon it on the surface to minimize any air bubbles trapped within the decal.

::: Later on... :::

If one day you decide to remove your decal (an replace it with a brand new design, for instance...), you can gently peel it off by hand. We recommend to use a blow dryer to heat on the decal so that the adhesive is weaken and the decal bond is loosen, then peel off the decal slowly.

What surfaces are best for me to apply the decal ?

Our wall decals adhere well to any flat & smooth surface.

This includes but is not limited to walls (interior as well as exterior), mirrored surfaces, bathrooms (including inside bath tubs shower doors), wood surfaces, and metals.

For painted walls, our wall decals install easily on the most common types of home interior paints, such as latex- and oil-based. They will also work on other paints, although some highly textured paints or paints with additives can make application extremely difficult.

Examples of paints that fall into this category are faux, magnetic, sand, and suede paints. Before ordering, please get a free sample from our outlet and test in an inconspicuous area to see whether a wall decal will work with your paint.

Is wall decal removable? Will wall decal damage the surface when removed?

Yes, our wall decal is easy to remove. This makes our wall decal perfect for those who are renting a home or office, college students living in dorms, or individuals that are looking for a new and fun way to decorate their home.

For very hard surface like glass or window, walls decal can be removed without damaging the surface.

For painted wall, wall decal may peel off the paint when removed. This is dependent on the type of condition the wall surface is in. Freshly painted walls and walls with extremely old paint are not recommended as the paint will peel off with the decal when removed.

While removing the decal, we recommend to use a blow dryer to heat on the decal so that the adhesive is weaken and the decal bond is loosen, then peel off the decal slowly.

What is the average “lifespan” of the decal ?

Our decal is made of high quality vinyl and can last for years and years, probably till you get bored with it! In general, the decal is good up to 3 years.

However, the life span is very much dependent on the condition of the decal. For e.g. if there is frequent contact on the decal (e.g. decal applied on floor), the edges of the decal will peel off more easily and thus shorten the life span.

Can I reuse the vinyl decal?

Unfortunately, wall decal is not designed to be reused. Once you remove the decal, it is not reusable as the vinyl material will stretch out of shape and the adhesive will be weaken as well.

However, in some circumstances, wall decal may be reused. Simple designs such as polka dots, stars, rings, etc can be carefully removed from your surface and reapplied to another surface. However, due to the nature of the material as well as variances in ways people tend to attempt to remove their decal, we cannot guarantee that every design can be reused.

Custom Decals

I like one of your designs but want it modified? We might be able to modify some of our existing designs to your preference, be larger, smaller, flipped or even mixed around. Email us your enquiry with detailed information on how you want the decal modified and we'll get back to you with a quotation within a couple of days.

I already have a design and want it made into a decal? We welcome a breath of fresh design and will be more than happy to turn your design into a one-of-a-kind decal. Email us the design together with exact measurements for a quotation.

I want a custom made decal but don't have a design in mind? Providing us with photos of designs that you like and as much information as possible on the type of design you envision (eg: floral, geometric shapes, nature-inspired), the ambience you are looking to achieve, size and colour combinations will help us in speeding up the design process. Do note that custom made decal such as this will incur a design fee. Do get in touch with us and let us know what you have in mind!

On line order information / Shipping Charges

Prices, Shipping and Handling Charges

We provide FREE door-to-door island wide delivery in Singapore for purchases ABOVE $200 (for purchases below $200, delivery will be charged at $10). Order will be processed upon receipt of payment. You can expect to receive your item within 5 - 7 days thereafter. If Urgent delivery is required, a fee of $15 will be charged, you can expect to receive your item within 1 - 2 days. For overseas delivery, please email us for the cost of shipping and handling.

Product Availability

Although availability may be indicated on the site, but due to high demand on certain item at times, hence that particular item may not be available for immediate delivery. Your understanding is much appreciated.

Order Acceptance

Terms of payment shall be determined in our discretion and as otherwise agreed to by us. Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of the order or our offer to sell. We reserve the right, without prior notification, to accept or decline your order or limit the order quantity for any reason. We may require, at our option, that any order placed over certain dollar amounts receive our pre-approval. We also may require additional verification or information before accepting any order.

Exchange and Refund Policy

We offer No-Exchanges and No-Refunds on products purchased on this site.

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Upon receiving the order, we will do a stock check and prepare your item(s) accordingly. Item(s) will only be delivered after the payment has been received.

An invoice with the Bank Account Number will be given at the end of the Check-Out stage.


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